Lady Crushes – Part 1

Too often, I find myself getting wrapped up in the drama of the world. I carefully examine what I say, how I look, and what I do. Its as if I am looking through and being looked at through a microscope. Personally, I find that I struggle to balance my sanity while attempting to not […]


It’s hard to keep quiet when shootings or mass killing are an everyday occurrence in this world. It’s heart breaking to wake every morning to a lass shooting in Orlando, a bombing in Baghdad, shooting of civilians during police stops,  terrorist attacks in Paris, Turkey… The list goes on and on.  I am the daughter […]

An Open Letter to My Male Colleagues 

An open letter to men talking about women in the workplace, Just, stop.  Don’t tell us that taking more than 6 weeks off after having a baby seems “unnecessary”. I also don’t want to hear about your wife complaining that the new minivan is hard to drive.  That its just because she’s a woman, and […]

Alcohol, the Great Equalizer

We boarded this bus merely hours ago, as strangers. We come from various places in this country, walks of life, and political perspectives. But we all have one thing in common. Alcohol.   Specifically, beer. We’re visiting the beer Mecca of the United States – Portland, Oregon. Brewvana tours is awesome and brought a collective […]