It’s hard to keep quiet when shootings or mass killing are an everyday occurrence in this world. It’s heart breaking to wake every morning to a lass shooting in Orlando, a bombing in Baghdad, shooting of civilians during police stops,  terrorist attacks in Paris, Turkey… The list goes on and on. 

I am the daughter of a police officer, so these police involved events hit close to home. But unfortunately violence is not foreign to me. I first experienced violence when my uncle was killed in the line of duty – I was 5. He was not killed with a gun, but rather run down by a vehicle at a road block. Since that time, I’ve only seen violence cause pain and misery in every form from suicide, school shootings, and bombings. From Columbine, to war in the Middle East, my generation has not known a time of peace in this world. 

Let’s stop treating violence as the answer. It hasn’t worked as far as time can recall. Let’s try a new approach. Let’s try peace. 



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