An Open Letter to My Male Colleagues 

An open letter to men talking about women in the workplace,
Just, stop. 

Don’t tell us that taking more than 6 weeks off after having a baby seems “unnecessary”. I also don’t want to hear about your wife complaining that the new minivan is hard to drive.  That its just because she’s a woman, and she doesn’t drive well. “It’s not the minivan, honey”.

Don’t tell us that the tshirts (“unisex”) are fine and women should stop complaining that they don’t fit right or are unflattering. It’s not our vanity, it’s inequality that causes us to complain. 

Next time? Be prepared for a fist to the face or (more likely) a feminist rant about how your entitled male bullshit isn’t welcome here. 


The woman sitting near you (and likely every other woman overhearing this conversation) 


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