Lady Crushes – Part 1

Too often, I find myself getting wrapped up in the drama of the world. I carefully examine what I say, how I look, and what I do. Its as if I am looking through and being looked at through a microscope. Personally, I find that I struggle to balance my sanity while attempting to not cross some imaginary line of political correctness and social “niceties”. As the direct result of this, I miss out on so many opportunties to say what I really want to say.

Never fear – it’s not all so dreary! I am incredibly fortunate and thankful to have amazing women in my life who encourage me, who support me, and who teach me every day. In honor of them and me learning to be impecable with my words, I want to highlight these amazing women (namely, my lady crushes). Starting with….

Christina Kehoe

This woman and I met back in November of 2007 at a mutual friend’s home. Right from the start, she impressed me with her welcoming attitude and friendly demeanor. At the time, our paths only crossed a few times, which I now know to be unfortunate.

I had the honor of having dinner with this amazing woman this week. Before I left for dinner, my husband said “Have fun! I hope its not too awkward”. The introvert in me wanted to run the other way, make excuses not to go, but I pushed through and met her for dinner and drinks. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

Christina is the Partner Communication Specialist at the local small business software company. She is still the same friendly, passionate, and welcoming person I remember her being, and this makes her damn good at her job. She is incredible passionate about diversity and inclusion, developing the tech sector in the Phoenix Valley, and support women in the workplace. In addition her role at Infusiuonsoft, she works with her business partner on a venture capitalist endeavor to help recruit and keep top IT talent in the Valley.

Not once did our conversation stray to our appearance changes over the past 8 years or the people we used to know. We talked about our hopes and dreams, our frustrations we faced in our fields, and what we hope to contribute to the world. Her passion is evident through her very presence. She is such an inspiration and I left our dinner feeling so energized, motivated, and fortunate to have reconnected.


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