Alcohol, the Great Equalizer

We boarded this bus merely hours ago, as strangers. We come from various places in this country, walks of life, and political perspectives. But we all have one thing in common. Alcohol.


Specifically, beer. We’re visiting the beer Mecca of the United States – Portland, Oregon. Brewvana tours is awesome and brought a collective group together to share their love of beer.

We’ve visited Baerlic Brewing, Hopworks Brewing, Columbia River Brewing, and Scout Brewing. And what happens on a tour, stays on the tour.

Alcohol can  lead to disease and bad decisions if not used responsibly. But it can also bridge differences and force you to learn new things and meet new people. Plus. It’s alllllllllll about science. And I love science.

So next time you’re in Portland, give Brewvana and their tours a shot. I promise you, you don’t be disappointed.







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