Sanctuary at Camelback Mixology & Devoured 2016

Over the past month-ish, I’ve be lucky enough to go on a mini “adventure” of the culinary sort. My husband and I, joined by some amazing friends, attended a Mixology class at an upscale resort and a premier culinary festival at the local art museum.

While usually fueled by gin, on February 27, I joined a group of lovely people at the Jade Bar at the Sanctuary at Camelback for a Mixology 101 on scotch. Long and short of the story, scotch and I are in a fight. We don’t like each other. The bartender was quite knowledgable and did a fantastic job. Its probably the only time I will be able to have penicillin (which, educational moment, is also a cocktail). The resort is beautiful and quiet and serene. If you have an obscene (and I do mean obscene) amount of money for a Staycation or dinner, the Sanctuary is a winner.

The following weekend, first weekend in March, my husband and I joined some friends at our first Devoured Phoenix Culinary Classic, an annual two-day culinary event held at the Phoenix Art Museum in conjunction with Local First Arizona. It was a beautiful, crowded, sunny day and it was amazing! I hate crowds, HATE, but maybe it was the beer but the event was still totally worth it. I stuffed my face with everything from delicious gnocchi, to mini s’mores chocolate, to Deschutes Black Butte porter, to strawberry shortbread with lime ice cream bars. Check out the photos from our adventures below!


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